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How to clean a watch properly

How to clean a watch properly

Where the watch is frequently soiled:

The connections between the strap and the head, the claws on the back of the watch, the space between the metal strap (especially the hollow strap), the front ring of the case and the watch glass, the space between the case and the back cover, the space between the crown head and the case, and the area around the date magnifying glass on the watch glass are the places where a watch is most likely to conceal dirt.


There are two methods for cleaning your watch on your own:


1:Using a soft cloth, dry wipe


2:Rinse and soak in water

If you are unsure about your watch's waterproof performance or if it has a leather strap, it is best to dry it with a cloth as much as possible. Removing the strap may not seem difficult to the layperson, but it is extremely difficult for the average person

Dirt in the watch case's narrow crevices can be removed with a toothpick and then brushed away with a soft bristle brush. Dry wiping does not have the same effect as rinsing with water. To dry wipe, use toothpicks and matchsticks to remove stubborn stains from the watch's surface before wiping it. You can use a cloth designed to clean glasses


The following are the specific operations:


1)General hand tools include watch brushes and watch-specific cleaning fluids if you use general watch cleaning tools. Cleaning with ordinary tools is very simple, and the cleaning fluid used is 120# aviation gasoline. Because gasoline contains impurities, it is best to filter 120# gasoline with filter paper to remove impurities.

Otherwise, unfiltered gasoline will leave a layer of white frost on the surface of cleaned parts. Blow drying or tumble drying is required for cleaned parts. If the movement parts have a lot of sludge or are extremely dirty, they should soak for a while in the cylinder. If necessary, use a brush to remove dirt from the table or a willow stick to remove sludge before washing it in clean gasoline. In short, the parts of the movement must be thoroughly cleaned and not overlooked.


When cleaning a watch with a watch washer tool. Cleaning parts with a cleaning machine is quick and easy. Gasoline, alcohol, trifluoroethylene (F + 13), and other solutions are used in the cleaning solution. 


Triscalin trifluoro solution should be used to clean the splint. The watch cleaning machine is the most commonly used cleaning machine for repairing watches. It has speed control, time control, forward and reverse rotation of the work head, and lifting capabilities.


It also comes with three bottles of cleaning solution, which must be covered after use to prevent evaporation and contamination. There is also an empty bucket for washing and drying the watch. The first bottle has less clean solution; the second bottle has clean solution; and the third bottle contains distilled water for cleaning and dehydration. 


2)Of course, other arrangements can be made in accordance with the process flow. To prevent part damage from collision during cleaning, copper wire mesh frames of various shapes are used to hold different parts. Put these frames together, and then use the frames to clean them. A number of watches can be washed at the same time. Watches with a lot of sludge should be cleaned in a washing machine after the sludge has been removed.


A scientific watch cleaning method can not only make the watch look clean and beautiful, but it can also effectively extend the watch's service life to a certain extent.

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