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Questions and Answers regarding Watches

Questions and Answers regarding Watches

#How can you tell if a watch is precise?

The watch is accurate if the time is adjusted on a regular basis so that it roughly coincides with the radio station's time signal.

The watch's time initially agrees with the radio station's time signal, however there is a daily error after operating. Then comes the cumulative growth, although the daily increase in error value is constant. This watch qualifies as well if the trip time error figure is within the watch's quality level. In order to increase accuracy, you can move the speed needle if the error value is more than the defined standard.

#Why do cases made of 100% steel occasionally contain rust spots?

All steel watches won't rust, in general, but everything is relative. The variety of stainless steel is enormous. Hydrochloric acid is expelled by the body through sweat. Rust spots will gradually develop on the watch case, particularly on the concave section of the back cover, if the watch is worn on the hand, corroded by sweat for an extended period of time, or left to collect acid, alkali, and salt debris without being cleaned off. appears frequently. As a result, you should regularly wipe off sweat and dust buildup on the watch case while performing routine watch maintenance. In order to prevent rust spots from appearing on the all-steel case, you should also try to avoid wearing the watch in strong acid, strong alkali, and other situations.

#issue with an automatic watch stop

Automatic watches often need to be used regularly for more than 8 hours to obtain an acceptable spring energy level. Automatic watches often need to be used regularly for more than 8 hours to obtain an acceptable spring energy level. As a result, the movement will run out of power after a set amount of time when you don't wear it. Additionally, if the wearer's exertion is insufficient, the spring will not receive enough power. It is advised that the energy be replenished by hand winding when the watch stops for this reason.

#When the quartz watch battery runs out, it needs to be replaced quickly.

It is advised that users change the battery as soon as possible because there will usually be battery leakage and damage to the watch parts when the battery is close to or has been drained. We do not advise those customers who typically remove the crown to conserve electricity. Because doing so causes the battery to continue discharging even though the watch's surface may appear to have stopped, which could lead to an excessive discharge or battery leak that causes the parts of the watch mechanism to corrode.


#Mechanical watches appear magnetic phenomenon

The majority of the parts in mechanical timepieces are comprised of metal, making them more susceptible to magnetization. The magnetization of the watch will suddenly force the hands to move more quickly. As a result, when wearing a mechanical watch, we should be careful to avoid places with an excessively strong magnetic field, such as those close to electronics like audio, TV, mobile phones, or any electrical equipment with high current.

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